Services by FME

Maids from Indonesia, Myanmar & Philippines

Indonesia are the main source of supply of domestic maids to work in Singapore with more than half of the maids population in Singapore are from Indonesia. Due to its close proximity to Singapore, their food and culture are similar to Singapore to some extent. Bahasa Indonesian is the national language spoken.

Myanmar maids are growing in numbers in Singapore. Burmese is their national language and most of them are Buddhist.

Filipinos have came to Singapore to work as domestic maids for a very long time. Most of them can speak English even though Tagalog is their main language. They are the second largest maid population in Singapore after Indonesia.

Work permit renewal

We can help to process work permit renewal of the domestic maids for employers.

Direct hire (Employer's own maid)

Employers who would like to apply for their own candidate to work in Singapore can look for us to do processing. Employers may not be familiar with the procedures and it would be costly and troublesome to do it themselves.